INPEA Governance - Proposed Representatives

Proposed National Representatives

Names and supporting documentations will be posted here as it becomes available.

2018 Applicants proposed during:

2018 Annual Membership Meeting held on Nov 16, 2018 in Boston, Mass, USA

Motion to accept the proposed slate of National and Regional Representatives as listed below:

Toni Antonucci amended the motion to make a conditional vote with review for a week (from the final  posting of these minutes 11-21-2018 Amended to 3 Dec 2018)  Ariela Lowenstein seconds.  Paul Caccamise calls the vote.  Pamela Teaster abstains.  Motion carries to accept the slate conditioned upon review for a week.


  1. National Representatives

Croatia National Representative,

Mira Cokic, mag iur, Portal for the Third Age (CV/Bio) (Ltrs Recommendation/ Support) (Nomin)

Finland National Representative,

Suvanto NGO, "The Finnish Assoc of the Shelters for the Aged", Suvanto Web Site

Satu Taiheaho, Executive Director

Israel National Representative,

Tova Band-Winterstein (CV)

Norway National Representative,

Wenche Karin Malmedal (CV/Bio)(Ltrs Recommendation/ Support)(Nomin)

Venezuela National Representative,

Rosaline Jerez, Gerontoplus (CV) (Nomin)


Proposed Regional Representatives

Names and supporting documentation will be posted here as it becomes available.


November 2018

INPEA Annual Membership/Board of Directors Meeting at Boston, USA

Motion to appoint REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE for North America: Pamela Teaster, PhD, (current Sect. Genl). Moved by Somers.  (Bio/) (Ltr Recommendation NCPEA)


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