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The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, (INPEA) is a global community of caring individuals and organizations with expertise in the area of protection and promotion of older persons human rights in all circumstances of life. With the current pandemic of the Corona Virus risks to older persons rights and risk of violence,neglect and abuse may increase due to the intersection of age, gender, poverty and fear. 
Among our members are the program managers for the Red Cross of Serbia, two dedicated veterans protecting older persons in emergencies and crisis situations.  Also, our partners are organizations such as the International Federation on Ageing, pressing the importance of access to health and immunizations for older persons, and allies such as Help Age International working on the ground in the most vulnerable areas of the globe.
We have come together to create a clearing house drawing on numerous resources for individuals and professionals to ensure the human rights of older persons are not ignored or purposely violated during this crisis through exclusion from medical care, scams and all forms of financial exploitation, interpersonal violence, and systemic discrimination. 
Following you will find a matrix by subject matter with recently developed or long standing practices which may help guide the actions of Governments, Inter-Governmental Bodies, Civil Society and individuals themselves.

Although, by no means exhaustive, we hope they prove useful to you.


Ireland, like other countries, is going through a huge challenge in combatting the coronavirus. AIGNA, as the voice of gerontological nurses in Ireland, will provide information to enhance safe practice in caring for older people in any setting. Download the PDF (4MB)


Rights Violations and Discriminatory Practices Against Older Persons During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Download the report here... (PDF 7.9MB)

Older persons worldwide face rights violations and discrimination during the Covid-19 pandemic. Structural defects in areas such as health, caregiving, social
security, education, justice, housing and nutrition exacerbate the impact of rights violations and discriminations experi- enced during the Covid-19 pandemic. The protective approach towards older persons adopted as a social policy, coupled with the understanding that ageing is a problem in a cultural context, fail to produce functional and reactive solutions to the social, economic and environmental impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, developing countries like Turkey are not ageing per se but ageing without becoming wealthy! On the one hand, there is a need for resources for development; on the other hand, it is necessary to improve the welfare and share it fairly. Nonetheless, Turkey has been facing challenges in the last 15 years to improve social welfare and distribute it equita- bly. However, Turkey is not ready to face issues brought on by societal ageing. Consequently, the difficulties Turkey encounters as ageing and impoverishing society create deep ruptures in human rights.

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