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Q. Is there a color associated with Elder Abuse Awareness?

A. Yes. The awareness color is "purple".
Q: If June 15th is on a Sunday, does it still remain as the world awareness day?

A: Yes. Though there are WEAAD events happening on other days, even weeks, during that time span, June 15 is designated as the international day to wear purple.
Q: Is there a slogan associated with world awareness day?

A: Yes. "My World... Your World... Our World... Free of Elder Abuse".
Q: Are copies of the speeches from the 2008 conference held in Ottawa available on the Internet?

A: Yes. There is a link to the speakers from http://www.inpea.net/WEAAD2008Ottawa.html. Comprehensive video of the conference is currently available on a 5-DVD set by special request to INPEA-WEAAD. Conference information is also listed on the CNPEA website at http://www.cnpea.ca/Ottawa%20Presentations%202008.htm.
Q: Are versions of the posters of WEAAD available in a format other than .pdf?

A: No. Only .pdf versions are available for the posters that originally came from City College of San Francisco. It was a class project from there several years ago that they forwarded to INPEA, who does not have the originals. Since then, INPEA web has taken the .pdf's and updated the year with the closest font that matched.

As a suggestion, the .pdf can be opened and modified using photo editing software.
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