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To contact INPEA please address correspondence to:

INPEA Secretariat
Susan B. Somers, JD President
The Somers Law Firm
PO Box 368
Nassau, NY 12123 USA
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For general inquires/comments to INPEA, please send e-mail to:
For specific inquiries about the work of INPEA in your region,
please contact your Regional/National Representative directly.

Are you interested in becoming a Representative? Further information is available on our Governance page.

INPEA Officers

ELECTED to Office: January 1, 2019


Susan B. Somers, JD
PO Box 368
Nassau, NY 12123
Phone: +1-518-281-2777
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Rosy Pererya, MD
Dominican Republic
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Clerk/Secretary General
Amanda Phelan, Ph.D.
School of Nursing, University College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland
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Cynthia Thomas, Ph.D.
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Board of Directors


Further info on Governance page
Immediate Past President: Susan Somers (2014-2018)

Past President: Gloria Gutman (2010-2014)

Past President: Lia Daichman, MD

Founding President: Rosalie S. Wolf

Terms: 2004 - 2006 - 2008 - 2010 -2012 - 2014 -2018

African Platform for Social Protection, Executive Director
Consultant to HelpAge International

Nairobi, Kenya 00800
tel: 254204449406
fax: 254204441052
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Term: January 2019-2020

INPEA Board of Directors - Europe

Professor Haifa University

Past President, Max Stern Yezreel Academic College, 
Haifa, Israel
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Lia S. Daichman. M.D. Term 2014 -2018 - 2020

INPEA Past President (2002-2009)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Abla Menio Sibai, PhD. INPEA Regional Representative 2014 - 2018 - 2020
Middle East North Africa (MENA) 
Professor, American University
Beirut, Lebanon

USA Term 2019 - Dec 2020 
Patricia Brownell, PhD. INPEA Board of Directors (Bio/CV) (Recommendations)

Pamela Teaster, PhD. INPEA Regional Representative, North America (Bio) (Recommendations)

CANADA Term 2010 - 2012 - 2014 - 2018
Outgoing 2018: Marie Beaulieu, INPEA Regional Representative, North America
Quebec, Canada


AUSTRALIA Board Member - To fill Vacancy - Term Nov 2018 - Dec 2019

Kim Boettcher, Attorney/Barrister,  Term Nov 2018- Dec 2019 (Bio

Regional Representatives


OPEN July 2010 -

Nominations being accepted on line

Click here to e-mail Africa Representative

Mala Kapur Shankardass, PhD.
Delhi, India
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Europe Nomination Pending
Incoming: Dec 2018 - Natasa Todorovic, MPH Red Cross Serbia

Previous: Prof. Ariela Lowenstein, PhD. Haifa University
Past President, Max Stern Yezreel Academic College
Haifa, Israel
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Latin America & Caribbean Nomination Pending
Incoming: Dec 2018 - Gina Bardelli Corigliano

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Middle East North Africa

Dec 2010 - 2014 - Dec 2018
Abla Mehio Sibai, B.Ph, PhD
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North America Nomination Pending

Pamela Teaster, PhD. (Bio) (ltr Recommendation)

Virginia Tech Univ. Current INPEA Secretary General

Sept 2010 - 2014 - Dec 2018

Marie Beaulieu, PhD.
Université de Sherbrooke,
Centre de recherche sur le vieillissement, CSSS-IUGS
1036 Belvédère Sud
Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
J1H 4C4
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Dec 2010 - 2018 Nominations open on line

Wayne Fielding
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National Representatives


Ms. METANG Paulette, President
Association Camerounaise pour la Prise en charge des Personnes Agées (ACAMAGE)
Youndie, Cameroon
Click here to e-mail Cameroon Representative

Ebenezer Adjetey-Sorsey
HelpAge Ghana
Click here to e-mail Ghana Representative

Sam Togba Slewion, MSW
Chairman, Social Work Department, United Methodist University(UMU)
Consultant : Coalition of Caregivers and Advocates for the Elderly in Liberia (COCAEL)
Liberia, West Africa
Click here to e-mail Representative

Mahendranath Busgopaul
Halley Movement Mauritius
Click here to e-mail Mauritius Representative

Terezina da Silva
Click here to e-mail Mozambique Representative
or Click here to e-mail Mozambique Representative

Appointment Pending
Click here to e-mail Namibia Representative

Maiga M. Kassoum Yacouba, Director
Groupe d\'Appui au Mouvement Associatif (GAMA)
Niamey, Niamey Provence, 00227, Niger
Tel/Fax: (00227) 20 72 24 51
Click here to e-mail Niger Representative

Pastor (Engr.) C. O. Chukwu
249 Clifford Rd, Aba
Abia State
Nigeria, West Africa
Tel: 08067776014
Click here to e-mail Nigeria Representative

Samuel Kwaku Mawuéna DZAHINI
Univers de Solidarité et de Développement
BP 64 Kpalimé TOGO
Click here to e-mail Togo Representative
Tel: 00228 915 67 08

Pat Lindgren
Click here to e-mail South Africa Representative

Nekemia Kazimoto
Click here to e-mail Tanzania Representative


nomination pending
Click here to e-mail Uganda Representative

Anderson Simfukwe
Aged Care and Service Centre
PO Box 430211
Nakonde, Zambia
Click here to e-mail Zambia Representative


Ferdous Ara Begum, MPA (Harvard)
Gender Issues Specialist,
Former Member of UN CEDAW Committee &
Former Director General, Bangladesh Television

Clich here to contact Bangladesh Representative 

Ms. Xiao Yan Wang
Click here to e-mail China Representative

Agnes Tiwari
Click here to e-mail Hong Kong Representative

Dr. Ashish Goel
Click here to e-mail India Representative

Dr. Noriko Tsukada
Click here to e-mail Japan Representative

 Republic of South KOREA
Professor Mee Hye Kim
11- 1 Dachyun-dong
Click here to e-mail Korea Representative

Monohar Upreti, Thamel
Tele: 977-1-4422608 Office
9771-1-4358294, 4386426 Home
977-1-4417208 Fax
Click here to e-mail Nepal Representative

Haider Zaman, PhD
Click here to e-mail Pakistan Representative

Prof. Dr. Isil Kalayci and Professor Dr. Ismail Tufan, PhD
Dir. Dept of Gerontology, Akdeniz University
Antalya, Turkey
Click here to contact Turkey Co Representative


Emira Pridenti
Exec. Dir
Albanian Society for All Ages
Click here to e-mail Albania Representative

Rosemarie Kurz, PhD
Click here to e-mail Austria Representative

Gerd Callewaert, PhD Candidate

Tel. 0032 9 360 33 66
Fax 0032 9 361 06 57
Click here to e-mail Belgium Flanders Representative

Nicholas Berg, PhD
Click here to e-mail Belgium Walloon Representative

 CROATIA - Pending nomination
Incoming: Mira Cokic
, mag.iur. (CV Eng/Euro Bio)( Ltr Recomd AREP) (RedCross Serbia)(Nom Form)
Editor- Senior Citizens
President of NGO Rights of Elderly People
Click here to e-mail Croatia Representative

Jan Lorman
Zivot 90
Prague, CZ
Click here to e-mail Czech Republic Representative

 FINLAND - Pending Nomination
SUVANTO, NGO - Finnish Association of the Shelters for the Aged.
Satu Taiveaho, Ex Dir. Website:
Click here to e-mail Finland Representative

Francoise Busby
Click here to e-mail France Representative

Thomas Goergen/Rolf Hirsch
Click here to e-mail Germany Representative

Gerasimos Kourouklis, President
Click here to e-mail Greece Representative

Andrea Ferenczi, President and Founder, Association of Women's Career Development in Hugary
Click here to e-mail Hungary Representative

Amanda Phelan
Click here to e-mail Ireland Representative

 ISRAEL - Pending Nomination
Tova Band Winterstein, PhD, Haifa University (Bio/CV
Click here to e-mail Israel Representative

Giovanni Lamura
Click here to e-mail Italy Representative

 MALTA Nominations open 

Prior National Representative, the late Professor Joseph Troisi
Click here to e-mail Malta Representative

Mirjam van Dongen
Hoofd afdeling Preventie
Landelijk Ambassadeur
STOP Ouderenmishandeling
(Ambassador, Stop Elder Abuse)
De Grote Rivieren
v.d. Steenhovenplein 1
Click here to e-mail the Netherlands Representative

 NORWAY - Pending nomination
Wenche Malmedal, RN, MSc, PhD (CV/ Bio)(ltrRef Phelan) (Support Brev )(Nominate Form)
Associate professor
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Public Health and Nursing
N-7491 Trondheim
Click here to e-mail Norway Representative 

72_poland-t POLAND
Jolanta Mackowicz Ph.D.
Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland
Click here to contact Poland Representative

Margarita Pedroso de Lima, Ph.D

Assocate Professor - Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação
Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
Click here to e-mail Portugal Representative
Tel (office) +351253604233

Ioana Caciula: Coordinator (Recommendation)
Asociatia Umanitara EquiLibre
Bucharest, Romania
Click here to contact the Romania Representative

 RUSSIA Nominations Open
Click here to e-mail Russia Representative

Dr. Milutin Vracevic, MPH
Natasa Todorovic, MPH
Click here to e-mail Serbia Representative Vracevic
Click here to e-mail Serbia Representative Todorovic

Dra. Isabel Iborra Marmolejo 
Profesora Ayudante Doctor 
Universitat Internacional Valenciana - VIU
Click here to e-mail Spain Representative
Tel. (0034) 964 299 306

Joaquim Soares, PhD
Click here to e-mail Sweden Representative

Delphine Roulet Schwab. PhD.
Professeure ordinaire HES
Docteure en psychologie
Laboratoire d’Enseignement et de Recherche Vieillissement et Santé (ViSa)
Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source - HES-SO - LausanneAdresse postale : Avenue Vinet 30 – 1004 Lausanne
Bureau : Rue de Sébeillon 1 (7ème étage) – 1004 Lausanne
Tél : +41 21 641 38 30 - Fax : +41 21 641 38 38
Click here to e-mail Switzerland Representative

 UNITED KINGDOM Nominations open

Outgoing - Gary Fitzgerald, Retired Fall  2018
Action on Elder Abuse
Click here to e-mail UK Representative

Angie Ash
Swansea University

Val de Sousa
Edinberg, Scotland



Dr. Monica Roque

Click here to e-mail Argentina Representative Roque.

Amalia Segunda Suarez
Attorney & Specialist in Community Gerontology

Click here to e-mail Argentina Representative Suarez

Valerie Mealla

Click here to e-mail Bolivia Representative
Click here to e-mail Bolivia Representative

Nomination pending

Click here to e-mail Brazil Representative

Nelson Garcia Araneda
Click here to e-mail Chile Representative

Zaida Esquivel
Click here to e-mail Costa Rica Representative

Mary Blanca Lopez Perez
Click here to e-mail Cuba Representative

Geselle V. Rosaria - Coffi
President, Fundashon Nos Grandinan
Mahuma, Curaçao
Netherlands Antilles
Click here to e-mail Representative
Tel: Office: (599-9) 888-4888
Fax: (599-9) 888-9888
Cellular: (599-9) 510-9080

Dr. Denise Eldemire

Click here to e-mail Jamaica Representative

Liliana Marta Giraldo Rodríguez

Click here to e-mail Mexico Representative

Dra. Miriam Riveros Rios
Click here to e-mail Paraguay Representative

 PERU - NOMINEES invited Jan 2019
Gina Bardelli Corigliano, Psychologist

Click here to e-mail Peru Representative

Carmen Delia Sanchez, Ph.D.
Click here to e-mail Puerto Rico Representative

Dra. Rosy Pereyra, MD
Click here to e-mail Dominica Representative

Dra. Rosalia Panza
Click here to e-mail Uruguay Representative

 VENEZUELA -Nominees invited Jan 2019
Nomination Pending

Nominee: Roselin Jerez Arteaga, Gerontoplus, NGO (CV) (Nomination Form)
Click here to e-mail Venezuela Representative


Dr. Larbi Lamri

Click here to e-mail Algeria Representative

 BAHRAIN (Middle East)
Dr. Amin Fawzi

Click here to e-mail Bahrain Representative

Dr. Fahmy Behgat

Click here to e-mail Egypt Representative

Dr. Anwar Batieha

Click here to e-mail Jordan Representative

Ramzi Na'man, MPH

Click here to e-mail Lebanon Representative

Azammam Said

Click here to e-mail Morocco Representative

Dr. Lamis Abu Nahleh

Click here to e-mail Palestine Representative

Dr. Wafa Al Yazeedi

Click here to e-mail Qatar Representative

Dr. Waleed Al Faysal

Click here to e-mail Syria Representative

Dr. Sonia Hammamie

Click here to e-mail Tunisia Representative

Appointment Available

Click here to e-mail UAR Representative

Dr. Jamal Nasher

Click here to e-mail Yemen Representative


OPEN - Nominations being accepted on line

Click here to e-mail Canada Representative

 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Nominations being accepted on line

Outgoing: Ms. Mary Lynn Kasunic, MS., CM. (2014 to 2018)
President & CEO
Area Agency on Ageing, Region One
1366 E. Thomas Rd., Suite 108
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Click here to e-mail USA Representative


OPEN - Nominations being accepted online

Click here to e-mail Australia Representative

OPEN - Nominations being accepted online

Click here to e-mail New Zealand Representative

UN NGO Team and NGO Committees

 UN Headquarters New York

UN NGO Coordinator
Susan B. Somers, JD
Click here to e-mail UN NGO Coordinator

Main Representative, New York
Robert Brent, PhD
Fordham University NYC
Click here to e-mail UN NY Representative

Alternative Representative: New York
Pamela Teaster,

Rosa Perla Resnick

Marie Beaulieu, PhD

Bei Wu, PhD

Kathleen Kline


Main Representative: Geneva
Ursula Barter Hemmerich
Click here to e-mail UN Geneva Representative

Amanda Phelan, Secretary General

Alternative Representative
Delphine Roulet Schwab, PhD, Laussane,

Silvia Perel Levin, Geneva, 

Bridget Penhale, U East Anglia, UK 

Hans Peter Graf


Main Representative: Vienna
Ulrike Waginger, MD, MSc, Secretary CoNGO Comm on Ageing, Vienna
Click here to e-mail UN Vienna Representative

Alternative Representatives

Shantu Watt, PhD., Vice-Chair, CoNGO Comm on Ageing, Vienna 
Click here to e-mail UN Vienna Representative

Heimo Zwischenberger, Mag.

Click here to e-mail UN Vienna Representative


INPEA currently has a number of open honorary positions for Regional and National Representatives. (These are voluntary positions)

Nominations for Regional Representatives are to be received Bi-Annually by 1st June and 1st December.

Nominations for National Representatives are to be received Bi-Annually by 1st June and 1st December.

General INPEA Contact Info

If you are interested in representing your area, visit INPEA's Governance and Representative pages.

INPEA's Executive Committee also receives e-mail at

To join INPEA, go to the Membership Form.

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