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November 2010 Newsletter
* Student members -- who we hope to recruit in substantial numbers
* Date and location for future Annual General Meetings
* Establishment of a new Middle East and North Africa region of INPEA
* Plans to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in 2011, 2012, 2013
* A new tool to help prevent elder financial abuse
and more

INPEA WEAAD Mini Bulletin (70kb .pdf)

June 2009 Bulletin
Coverage on World Day in Paris

INPEA_Bulletin_2009_07.pdf (108kb)

INPEA WEAAD Mini Bulletin
The latest about WEAAD 2009

INPEA WEAAD Mini Bulletin (70kb .pdf)

June 2009 Bulletin
Highlights of the WEAAD E-Blast Courtesy of NICE and Board Member Lynn McDonald, U Toronto
Also directions to join and submit your events.

INPEA_Bulletin_2009_06_eBlast.pdf (100kb)

May 2009 - Mini-Bulletin
Highlights of The Video: Around the World in 60 Minutes project. Deadline for contributions to the video project: June 6, 2009.

INPEA_Bulletin_2009_05_Video2.pdf (72kb)

May 2009
World Day 2009: We Are Making a Video!

INPEA_Bulletin_2009_05_Video.pdf (118kb)

March 2009 Bulletin (148kb .pdf)
February 2009 (168kb .pdf) WEAAD Bulletin
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Newsletter Issues On-Line:

Volume 2, Issue 1 (December, 2004): 3MB .pdf
Issue 13 (February 2004 .pdf 368kb)
Issue 12 (PDF 276kb)
Issue 11 (June 2003 .pdf 768kb)
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